Fact newspaper by Class of 2008 Monday, April 18, 2005 Edition 1

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TítuloFact newspaper by Class of 2008 Monday, April 18, 2005 Edition 1
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By Class of 2008

Monday, April 18, 2005 Edition 1

"Wow, you must have a lot of free times on your hands to make this newspaper" – Adolf Hitler

Teen Queens
Article by John Tran

There are many posing teen queens out there faking to be the voice of a generation, the voice of the teen generation. They are presumably teens, or former teens that attempted to be role models but instead have fallen through the gap of a good singer. Instead, these teen queens rely on voice enhancers and/or lip sync on the stage, faking to be something they are not – a quality singer. Some examples are listed below, with either a positive comment next to their name or a very negative one.

- Hilary Duff: Fake, No real teen likes her, her only fans are 3-years-old, can’t act, can’t sing, Poser, fake, NOOOOOOO

- Lindsay Lohan: dancing in a cage in her music video (cough… slut), well at least she can kind of act, but singing – NOOOOO

- Avril Lavigne: She is ok, except some call her a poser cause she might be a fake “punk princess”, she writes her own songs though so that’s good

- Britney Spears: basically started off innocent and moved on to adolescence and so on, basically a slut, can’t sing at all, really terrible actor

- JoJo: She’s 13 so she can’t be a slut, she can sing, she writes some songs, and as for acting that’s coming soon

- Christina Aguilera: basically a better form of Britney Spears with the voice, but she is another slut in the teen queen business

- Ashlee Simpson: A fake, lip-synched as shown by the show formally known as Saturday Night Live, only popular because of her sister

- Jessica Simpson: Good singer, but pretends to be stupid to get attention (You can tell…), good at acting because people fall for her pretending to be stupid

Yet as we move on we notice that most of the teen queens can’t really sing and that their relationship in the music industry is positive. Most of them sell platinum albums taking away people’s money for the real talents – presumably some that come from American Idol (Ruben, Clay, Kelly) and rock groups (Green Day). As for the future, we’ll just see which teen queen makes it the best and which runs shortly of talent and money.

Shows Bound For Success
Article by John Tran

Whether you’re watching the next FOX show or the next best show on any other television networks, there are TV shows you just have to see to believe. These shows are possibly the best shows on television. Listed below are the shows that everyone needs to see once and they will get addicted to them.

The O.C. (Thursdays at 8 – FOX): This show is about a group on teens living in Orange County. The whole plot began when Ryan Atwood moved from Chino, a very poor and criminalized place, and moved to Newport, home of the rich and famous in the O.C. That is when he meets Marissa and their relationship goes on from there. Meanwhile, subplots include love triangles between Summer and Seth with more plots for the adult characters on the show.

(All three pictures courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company)

24 (Mondays at 9 – FOX): This show is revolved around 24 hours in a day, making each episode an hour long with melodramatic clocks ticking, and the whole season is bound to be a day long. Of course, there are long gaps between the many seasons, so the characters could get older between the seasons but still have to look the same in the same season. The show is basically about a man named Jack Bauer who words at CTU (the counter-terrorist unit). And he basically fights terrorism by fighting terrorist taking plots to destroy America or destroy anything revolving around America.

The Simpsons (Sundays at 8 – FOX): This is the longest running sitcom and longest running cartoon on television. Everyone knows who Bart, Lisa, Homer, Maggie, and Marge are.

Smallville (Wednesdays at 8- WB): This show is about Superman in his teen years who falls in a love interest for Lana Lang. Of course, there are subordinate characters such as Lex Luthor, and Chloe Sullivan.

As the future of television progresses, more reality TV will start to develop so we better catch the rest of TV before it all ends.

Teacher Down!!!
Article by Jonny Elizalde [Staff Member]

As we all know, our world history teacher, Mrs. Sarah Daniels has been, so to speak "missing in action". She is out on ordered bed rest by her doctor. I was taken by surprise by this --- all of a sudden, someone who had been teaching you, and you had been personally known for 7 months--- just gone. No byes, no warning... just gone! In her place we have been given the substitute by the name of Mr. Murray. Mr. Murray seems to be a nice sub, not strict or a disciplinarian but still learning the "ropes" of the FACT classes. Whether or not he will be our permanent sub is unknown.

With Mrs. Daniels gone, we have become somewhat relaxed; this strange feeling is freedom, something he haven't experience in Mrs. Daniel’s class in a long time. History homework is at an all time low and there is barely any class work at all. Things are looking somewhat good, however the long term effects are still uncertain. Will we actually be able to learn now, without Mrs. Daniels? What if Mr. Murray is not our permanent sub? What if we get a Nazi/disciplinarian sub? The future still remains uncertain. =] 

Subliminal messages
Article by Linh Van [Staff Member]

A subliminal message is a simple message that people try to show the world by hiding it behind videos and pictures. It is supposed to be a signal or message that is passed through the normal level of perception, not known to the conscious mind but exposed to the subconscious mind. Many of the top bands such as Led Zeppelin and companies such as Pepsi and Disney used subliminal messages to prove what they want to say. By the expression on Tran's face after she reads this, the news will be shocking. Disney movies such as The Lion King and The Little Mermaid have sneaked secret dirty messages that people would often miss while watching it. For example, in the Lion King the dust is supposed to spell out the words “SEX”. Hard to believe? Or just are you unwilling to accept it? When you notice something eerie about a picture or video, try to look beyond what the picture really shows. 

Meanwhile Backmasting is a backward message recorded in the song that can give off hidden messages. For example, in Led’s Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven the backward message sounds like “Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. One who’s little path would make me sad whose powers are Satan… He’ll give (he’ll give) you 666…. There was a little toolshed where he made us suffer… Oh sad Satan…” Another example would be Another one Bites the Dust by Led Zeppelin. Playing the song backwards allegedly gives off this message “It’s fun to smoke marijuana (x3).” Some songs are known to have done Backmasting on purpose such as the Weird Al’s Bad Hair Day which backwards say “Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands.”

We have all heard of urban legends and their spine-chilling plots. Soon, those urban legends became novels and then movies. White Noise and The Amityville Horror are some examples of those urban legends. Other urban legends instead a munchkin hanging himself on The Wizard of Oz and the voice on a woman dying through screaming in the Song “Love Rollercoaster.” Urban legend's petrifying plot has led many of the FACT students like Judy and MacKenzie to write about death and accidents. =]

FACT Unfair
Article by John Tran

Everyone understands and frankly knows that FACT is like the most useless thing made hard just to challenge our brains. Really though, FACT is unfair and one of the most unfair things in the school. By telling us that we’re the smartest and brightest in the school, the teachers are letting others down and saying everyone else in the school is not as bright. This is totally not true and ultimately unfair. It is unfair to just favor people and put them all in the same class. Instead, they should be distributed just like elementary school did – everyone equal in the same class given the same opportunity. Besides, if “smart” kids get to do extra work in FACT, other people should be at least given the chance to do it anyway. By not doing so, the teachers are favoring us and saying we’re smarter, allowing the other people of the school to take it negatively. Therefore, they will either join gangs or drop out of schools because they are jealous of the extra attention the FACT teachers put on us. Surely, FACT contains many smart people but that doesn’t mean other people can’t survive in it either.

Frankly, this is what I think FACT contains. (The four types of people are listed below.)

1.) Naturally smart (not needing to study), looking at things once and knowing it (example – Erica)
2.) NOT smart at all (but tries to cover it all up by studying) (example – John)
3.) Semi-smart but not at all naturally smart (some study and some don’t)
a. Not studying – ok (probably C average)
b. Studying – even better (probably A average)
4.) Smart but lazy (not willing to do homework) – I don’t think there’s any of those but we’ll see.

Frankly, I think if I can survive FACT by studying long hours and memorizing hard stuff, everyone else can too. We need to open our arms and give them a chance. Besides, if we’re going to suffer, let EVERYONE in the school do it with us.

FACT Cruel!
Article by Eden Mai [Staff Member]

We have been in FACT for about three quarters so far.  There is only one quarter left and no one can wait till it ends.  FACT is cruel and everyone agrees.  What has it done to us?  We have been staying up late trying to complete assignments to turn in the next day.

Contracts, once you finish up a contract you’re glad that it is over, but as soon as you are finished another contract is thrown at you.  Once again you are put hard to work, working on a new contract.  We’re trying to do all the work that is given to us, the contracts for English and biology, and the packets for history.  Some people even end up doing their homework at the last minute.

Not only is there all this work, but there are quarterly projects.  For some reason, many of us believe that the teachers give us a FACT project just so they do not have to do anything for a week.  And in that week we are doing a load of work, while the teachers are doing nothing, but is this true?  

Grades are one of the things that FACT students worry most about.  Most people who came into FACT in the beginning of the year were mostly students with high grades and some with big egos (well maybe not big egos).  Most of us were expecting to get A’s this year, but now everyone is happy to get a C.  To some of us a C is an A.  Before we always worked hard for an A, but now we’re killing ourselves to get a C.  

What has FACT done to us?  We are working so hard and that is killing us.  We are losing hours of sleep and our social life (not really).  Most of us have never wanted to get a C, and always wanted an A, but now we are accepting C’s.

Latest Gossip and Tabloids
Information provided by Huyen Tran [Gossip Analyst]
Article By John Tran

John – obsessed with JoJo & number 1 fan

Ricky may be the smartest actual person in FACT but he’s just busy telling jokes to know about it. Ricky is also proclaimed one of the best people in FACT overall, meaning he is athletic, tall, a people person, funny, and intelligent.

On Thursday in Mr. Murray’s new History Class, Jonathon tripped Huyen, causing her to lose her balance and landed onto the floor into the desk. 

On Tuesday while reading “Folding Won Tons In” Mr. Martin called on Asian people to read the story. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Ricky asked Mr. Martin if he is Asian. Mr. Martin said “No.” but Ricky said “Are you positive?” and Mr. Martin said “I’m not positive but I’m sure.” 

Mr. Durand called Ricky in class the slang word for Richard in his time, which was dick. So, he called Ricky – Dick James. Mr. Durand’s father name was Richard. 

Jonny is the most liked and wanted guy by the FACT girls in FACT (sources tell me based on polls by Eva and Vi) Of course, he did get rejected four times this year by Eden Mai (yes ours), Anna Leah, and Shereen (Not in FACT) and Erica (Yes smart Erica in FACT.)

Howard and Huyen are official stalkers of one another in FACT.

Damaris and Mackenzie are still non-friends and bickering (sigh.) Let’s hope their relationship gets fixed by the end of FACT.

Chris and Vi from the opposing FACT classes are dating. They have been for quite a while, over a month.

Eva is planning operation penguin – a secret mission (surprise mission) taking place in Scroggin’s 4th period Spanish Class on June 6th to surprise someone. =]

Justin is obsessed with Gwen Stefani as shown by his saying “No Doubt” many times.

Tran, Damaris, and Kayla are in love with Adam Brody (Seth) from The O.C.

There is a rumor flying around that the “superpowers” of FACT are the smartest people in FACT. Currently rumored to be superpowers is Vu Trinh, Denise Le, Minh Quoc Nguyen, and Erica Carillo.

What do you think about Mrs. Daniel's departure?

A.) Yay 8%
B.) I hate it 31%
C.) Eh 46%
D.) 1 Down.... Two to go 15%

10 Year Reunion
By MacKenzie Escobedo [creative writer]

All of us who have Mr. Martin for first period, know each other pretty well. We spend from three to six whole periods together, and must face the terrors of FACT and FACT assignments together. We're practically family, but like any other family, we will eventually part ways and go off to do separate things.

     Imagine it is the year 2015, and you just received an invitation to your ten-year FACT reunion (yeah right, like that will happen). You're excited and eager to see your fellow FACToids again. But then BOOM, you can't make it. A real family member gets sick, or decides to visit, so you are now stuck playing host/hostess while your past classmates are all at the reunion. Don't worry; you won't miss out on a morsel of the juicy gossip. Here is what your fellow FACToids are up to in the year 2015:

Damaris: In 2006, Damaris developed an unhealthy obsession with the O.C. Most of all, Adam Brody. She stalked him constantly for three years, but was caught in 2009. He took her to court and issued a restraining order. After the restraining order was issued, Damaris moved to France to escape the shameful looks of her family and friends. She currently lives happily in a duplex with her young French husband. Rumors say that there is another woman in his life, but the couple denies the rumor though pictures of the infidelity continue to float around. 

Diana: Being the hip, stylish girl that we know, Diana grew up to be a fashion designer/model. She struts her stuff on the runway with her fellow models, but unlike most models, she actually owns the clothing line that she models for. 

Eden: Taking one look at Eden's yearbook picture tells you all about what she grew up to be. At twenty five, she is the guitarist of her world famous rock band. For four years, she and her band have been on top of the charts, beating down all those who try to enter their number one domain.

Erica: Erica was committed to an asylum in 2008 when she tried to set Rancho Alamitos High School on fire. She claimed, "I just wanted to see what it would look like in flames. I love fire." Three weeks later, she was diagnosed with pyromania, but used her brains to escape from the asylum before her doctors could put her on any medication. She has been on the lam ever since then, but has changed her name and has had facial reconstruction surgery to alter her appearance. The doctors won't find her any time soon, and the random fires continue to spread through west USA. 

Jamal: After his graduation at Rancho Alamitos High School, Jamal went on a trip to Alaska with a couple of friends. They wandered off and got lost in a snowstorm. The group got separated, and everyone died except Jamal. He would have died like his friends, but he was found by a pack of gray wolves, and taken in to their den. They cared for him like he was their own child, and he cared for them too. He continued living in the cave with the wolves until the pack leader fell into a patch of thin ice and died. Distraught, Jamal fled from Alaska, and is now training to become a veterinarian. 

Jessica: After her graduation in 2008, Jessica's mom told her that she was adopted. She explained that she wasn't Mexican at all, but African. In 2009, Jessica traveled to Africa. While there, she found a small tribe and became their leader under the name Zuri. Zuri led the tribe well, but a famine wiped all of them out in 2013. She moved back to America, changed her name back to Jessica, and now works as a travel agent. 

John: In short, John got what he always dreamed of...JoJo. He went to one of her concerts in 2008, and was lucky enough to mistakenly get a front row seat. There was an accident on stage halfway through the performance, and a stage light suddenly exploded. To avoid becoming a roasted celebrity, JoJo jumped off the stage. As fate should have it, she landed right in John's arms. To repay her savior, she took him out to dinner. They hooked up shortly after that, and are now married and expecting a mini JoJohn in a few months.

Judy: Judy started her own line of Asian books in 2010. She publishes under the pen name of Bunny FooFoo, and her books are doing quite well, earning her the title of a multi-millionaire. She lives at home with her husband, and trains rabbits in her free time. 

Justin: In 2009, Gwen Steffani from No Doubt died. The group was torn apart until one man dared to stand up to them with a proposition. Justin tracked down the shattered group in 2010, and requested to be Gwen's replacement. The group was uncertain at first, but agreed once they heard his incredible girlish singing voice, and his talent to say "No Doubt" in almost every sentence. No Doubt battled Eden's group for the number one spot for a while, but the fans got sick of hearing Justin say "No Doubt, No Doubt," and the group slipped to the number two spot. Unfortunately, No Doubt broke up in 2014, but Justin is rumored to come out with a solo album in spring of 2016. 

Kathy: Kathy went on to become a teacher. She started teaching second grade at the age of twenty-three, and was enjoying working with the young kids. She said, "I will never teach high school, because I never want to be mean to kids." In 2014, she won the award for best second grade teacher in the USA, and a grant of 10,000 dollars. She invested it in the stock market, and in January of 2015, she had over twenty million dollars in shares. She sold while the markets were high, and now enjoys a life of luxury in Cancun. 

Kayla: Kayla decided that she wanted to be an actress in 2007. She struggled as an actress, and was featured in a few commercials until 2009, when she hit rock bottom. She was fired from her part time job as a waitress, and was unable to pay her rent. So she was thrust into poverty. She stayed at The Hobo Hut for a few years, until it was burned down in a fire. She wrote a book about her life in 2012, and it was published under the name of Kay Luh. In 2014, it was made into a movie, and she stared as the main character named Kaelah. Ever since then, it's been champagne and parties for her.

Laura: After her graduation in 2008, Laura moved to Mexico. One day, she was singing in the shower, when a record producer drove by her house. He loved her voice, and signed her with his label. In 2011, her debut album Mi Corazón hit the market in Mexico, and her single Te Quiero reached number one. Her success was amazing, until she released her second song Ojos Azules. The song flopped, and she will forever be known as a one-hit-wonder. 

Linh: Linh faced herself in the mirror one day and said to herself, "I hate glasses." In 2009, she began researching a way to get rid of glasses for good. In 2010, she came up with the idea of contacts. Unfortunately, contacts had been around for ages. By 2011, she came up with laser surgery, but that had been around for a long time too. Finally, in 2012, she gave up and said, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." She became an optometrist for celebrities in 2014. 

MacKenzie (part written by John Tran): Upon graduating high school in 2008, MacKenzie had written about 99 books and was ready to chase her dream to be a best-selling writer. She was able to easily publish her collection of extended Vampire Novels. Her book Roses in the Dark became a bestseller outselling all of the Harry Potter books combined. Soon she became famous and Chester Bennington and Orlando Bloom, celebrities she had admired in high school stumbled upon the books. Being so popular, the book evolved into a movie where Chester Bennington was the lead artist for the soundtrack and Orlando Bloom was the male lead in the movie. Soon, Chester and Orlando met MacKenzie fell in love. Unfortunately they both wanted her so they slammed one another into cars and sucked one another’s throats like a vampire. Soon however Jesse Badger stalked MacKenzie but Chester and Orlando wouldn’t allow it. Chester came and attacked Jesse killing him. Soon because Chester got to MacKenzie first before Orlando, MacKenzie agreed to be with Chester. They soon got married and lived happily.

Minh: Minh became the next Bill Gates at the age of nineteen. He made the PocketComputer, a micro sized computer that could fit in any pocket and expand to laptop size with the touch of a button. The invention made him a billionaire, and he is currently working on his next invention...the PocketCar. 

Stella: After seeing how much MacKenzie loved her Asian pencils, Stella decided to open up her own Asian store called Asian Store. Asian Store did well for a few years, attracting mostly Asians and a few strange Mexicans and white people. One day, Hilary Duff drove by the store and decided to go in. She fell in love with a scarf and a hat with the Asian Store logo on it. She wore them in one of her music videos. Stella was ecstatic, expecting mass product sales after the incident, but the opposite happened. Since Hilary Duff is the dumbest girl on the planet and absolutely sucks eggs, the publicity for Stella's designs was negative. Two months after the Hilary Duff Incident, Asian Store closed. Now, Stella is working as a cashier at Target.

Tran: Back in the FACT days, Tran was just about nicest person in the world. In 2008, when she graduated, she went on to open a shelter for homeless people called The Hobo Hut. Many celebrities donated money to the foundation and it flourished. Then one day in 2011, Erica struck The Hobo Hut, and it went up in roaring flames. That day, something inside of Tran snapped. She sold her soul to the devil in exchange for mighty powers to help her find and kill Erica. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, and Tran was cursed with blindness. She now plans to make a shelter for blind people called The Blind People Hut. 

Vi: Vi and Chris had were a hot couple back in the FACT days. They graduated in 2008, and married later in 2010. They had two kids and lived happily aver after. That was until Vi finally had a change of heart. In 2014, she said to herself, "I'm young and don't want to be tied down by a family." She left Chris alone with the kids for a year while she went to discover the "True Vi" in France. While there, she fell in love with a young French man, and the two of them had a scandalous affair. It wasn't until she decided to go back to Chris and her kids that she found out the French guy were actually Damaris's husband. Now back in California, she denies the affair. 

     Now we only have to wait until the next reunion in 2025. Until then, we can only imagine what will happen to the FACToids of 2004-2005.

Events of This Week
Monday:  We learn the horror of the holocaust.
Tuesday:  Result of the FACT project comes.
Wednesday:  Mrs. Daniels leaves. =’(
Thursday: Stupid Poetry English Test.
Friday: Bio Test that determines your grade

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