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2. Completa estas oraciones con MUST o MUSTN’T:

You_____________ brush your teeth three times a day.

You _____________ forget to do your homework regularly.

You _______________be nice to your classmates.

You _____________wear warm cothes when it is cold outside.

You _____________ chew gum in class.

You____________ study hard if you want to pass your exams.

You____________ fight with your classmates.

You _____________play football in the classroom.

You _____________ listen to your teacher very carefully.

You_______________ forget your best friend's birthday.

You _____________be rude to your grandparents.

You_____________ go to the dentist's twice a year.

You _______________ stay in bed when you are ill.

You _______________ feed zoo animals.

You _________________ do your online exercises.

    • SOME / ANY:

  1. Completa las oraciones con SOME o ANY:

  1. I bought ______________ cheese, but I didn’t buy ________ bread.

  2. I’m going to the post office. I need __________ stamps.

  3. There aren’t ___________shops in this part of the town.

  4. Gary and Alice haven’t got ____________ children.

  5. There are ___________ beautiful flowers in the garden.

  6. Do you know __________ good hotels in London?

  7. Don’t buy _________ rice. We don’t need ________________

  8. I went out to buy ___________ oranges, but they didn’t have ___________ in the shop.

  1. Completa con SOME, ANY o NO:

  1. There isn’t _________ food in the fridge.

  2. My wallet is empty. I have got _________ money left.

  3. I bought a kilo of apples and ___________ cheese yesterday.

  4. Is there ___________ sugar for the cake?

  5. I’m very busy. I have _________ time to talk to you.

  1. Elije la opción correcta:

  1. Have you got … cigarettes?



  1. I love the Beatles. I love … songs by them.



  1. I don’t drink … alcohol at all.



  1. I’m afraid I haven’t … solution to the problem.



    • MUCH / MANY:

1. Completa con MUCH o MANY:

a. Did you buy ___________ food?

b. There aren’t ___________ hotels in this town.

c. We haven’t got _____________ petrol.

d. Were there _____________ people in the train?

e. Paula hasn’t got ____________ money.

f. Hurry up! We haven’t got ___________ time.

g. Have you got ___________ luggage? No, only this bag.

h. Do you travel a lot? Have you been to ___________ countries?

  1. Escribe frases sobre estas personas usando MUCH y A LOT.

EJEMPLO: a. Jim loves films ( go to the cinema) . He goes to the cinema a lot.

b. Nicole thinks TV is boring. (watch TV)

c. Tina is a good tennis player. (play tennis)

d. John doesn’t like driving. (use his car)

e. Paul spends most of the time at home (go out)


1. Completa las siguientes oraciones con el verbo entre paréntesis en presente simple:

 My brother (not like) __________________________ animals.

 My dog (not eat) _____________________________ vegetables.

 She often (talk) _____________________________ to herself.

 The days (be) _______________________________ longer in summer.

 They (go) _______________________________ on holiday every winter.

 We (go) ________________________________ to the cinema on Fridays.

2. Escribe las siguientes oraciones en forma negativa:

I like playing tennis.

My father lives in Madrid.

My friends go to the school.

She cooks every day.

Do you like coffee?

My sister works in a bank.

We study English on Tuesday.

3. Completa las siguientes oraciones con el verbo entre paréntesis en presente continuo:

I ____________________________ (watch) an interesting film at the moment.

You __________________________(not/study) French this year.

___________ your sister ___________________ (live) with your parents now?

The students _____________________________(listen) to the teacher at the moment.

___________ you _____________________ (read) a book now?

4. Traduce las siguientes oraciones:

Este libro es muy interesante

Estos niños son mis amigos

Aquel chico es mi hermano

Aquellos perros son blancos

5. Completa con el adjetivo comparativo:

My house is ________________________(big) than your house

My brother is ________________________(intelligent) than my sister.

My mother is _________________________(happy) than my father.

My room is ____________________________(tidy) than yours.

She is _______________________(polite) than him.

6. Completa con el adjetivo superlativo.

She is the ___________________________(clever) student in the classroom

My brother is the _____________________(tall) of the family

My grandfather is the __________________(old).

This song is the _____________________(famous)

7. Completa las oraciones en pasado simple

1. I ________________________(see) a black cat yesterday.

2. I _______________________________(not/have) breakfast at 8 am.

3. I _______________________________(watch) tv last night.

4. __________________________________(you/buy) a new dress last week?

5. We _____________________________________(study) maths on Monday.

8. Completa con el pasado continuo

The children (play) ______________________________football during the week.

It (rain) ________________________________________hard during the soccer game.

I (study) ____________________________English for five years in London.

Mary (be) _______________always (borrow) ________________my books.

Peter (practise) ____________________the guitar before the competition.

9. Completa las siguientes oraciones con el adjetivo comparativo correcto:

Portugal is __________________________________than Spain (small)

Madrid is __________________________________than Málaga (noisy)

Mount Everest is ______________________________than Teide (high)

Football is __________________________________than ski (popular)

Real Madrid is ______________________than Manchester United (good)

A Ferrari is ________________________________than a Toyota (fast)

Chinese is _______________________________than English (difficult)

A Citroen is ____________________________than a Mercedes (cheap)

Big motorbikes are _____________________than small cars (expensive)

Bicycles are ______________________________than motorbikes (slow)

10.Completa las frases con un superlativo.

Ej. He’s a very good footballer. He’s the best footballer in Europe at the moment.

1. She’s a pretty girl. She’s_____________________________________girl in my class.

2. There are many exciting cities in North America, but I think New York is______________________________________.

3. August is a hot month in Spain. It’s usually _________________________ month of the year.

4. I was so happy when I got married. My wedding day was_____________________________________________day of my life.

5. It’s such an expensive restaurant. I think it’s the________________________________________________restaurant in Madrid.

6. It’s a very interesting book. It’s one of the ____________________books I’ve ever read.
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