Locomotive builder abbreviations

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Germany & the Czech Republic - July 1994

Locomotive builder abbreviations

ČKD = Českomoravská-Kolben-Daněk A Sp., Prague, Czechoslovakia.

DWK = Deutsche Werke Kiel, Kiel, Germany.

EBV = EBV, Werkstätte Mariadorf, near Alsdorf, Germany.

Faur = Werk ‘23 August’ (FAUR), Bucarest, Romania.

Hatlapa = Uetersener Maschinenfabrik, Uetersen, Germany.

JW = Jenbacher Werke AG., Jenbach, Austria.

Kaluga = Калужский Машиностроитедьный завод (Kaluga Loco Works), USSR.

LEW = VEB Lokomotivbau-Elektrotechnische Werke “Hans Beimler”, Hennigsdorf, DDR

LKM = VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx, Potsdam-Babelsberg, DDR.

Mein = Reichbahn-Ausbesserungswerk “Helmut Scholz”, Meiningen, DDR

Škoda = Škoda Werk, Plzeň, Czechoslovakia.

Unio = UNIO-Werke, Satu-Mare, Romania.

ZLP = Závody V.I.Lenina, Plzeň, Czechoslovakia.

ZV = Závody K.J.Voršilova, Dubnica, Czechoslovakia.

m = builders number found on the motion.

b = builders number found on the boiler.

Locomotive information written in italics is from other sources (previous visits, other visitors, etc.), and was not obtained during these visits.



Nivelsteiner Sandwerke und Sandsteinbrüche GmbH., Nivelstein, near Herzogenrath

The railway is still in use, but the works was all shut up for the weekend.

Grube Adolf, Merkstein

All the buildings have been demolished.

EBV, Grube Anna, Alsdorf

They are beginning to demolish the big coke ovens. 3 steam locos and 1 MaK diesel could be seen stored in the west end of the yard.

Franz Plum, Alsdorf


0-4-0D EBV 2 1962

EBV, Grube Emil Mayrisch

Works being demolished.

Eisen-Sieger, Aldenhoven

Both diesel locos and the rail crane have now gone from here.

Dampfkleinbahn Mühlenstroth, near Gütersloh


5 ARTHUR KOPPEL 0-4-0WT OK 12805 1936 IS

6 RICHARD ROOSEN 0-8-0T Hen 15307 1917 IS

V13 0-4-0D Deutz 23268 1941

V14 0-4-0DM LKM

V16 0-4-0DM Deutz 11853 1941

V17 HAMMONIA 0-6-0DH Windhoff 765 1943

V18 FRIEDA 0-4-0D OK 26189 1962 MV8

Pfleiderer Industrie, Wirus Werk I, Gütersloh

Rail connection lifted.

Pfleiderer Industrie, Wirus Werk II, Gütersloh

Rail connection lifted??

Pfleiderer Industrie, Wirus Werk II, Gütersloh

No rail connection.

Kalkwerk Sumann, Aschen

Remains of the old 600mm system can still be seen, although it has been closed for over 25 years.

Fritz Homann Lebensmittelwerke GmbH & Co.KG., Dissen

This works still has an active rail connection, but I could not see if they have any locos.


Ostendorf & Co.KG., Torfwerk Vörden-Campemoor

(f. Torfwerk Vörden GmbH & Co.KG., Inh.Norbert Sprehe)


4wD OK 25099 1951 MV0 2.9t Der

4wD Diema 1783 1955 DL8 18ps

4wD Diema 2206 1958 DL8 10ps 2t

4wD Diema 2472 1961 DL6 8ps 1.15t

I was told they is one more loco; out on the moor.

Torfwerk Geanka, Vörden-Campemoor


The works was closed for holidays, and at least two locos were locked inside the building.

Torfwerk Bernhard Hülskamp, Vörden-Campemoor


1 4wD Diema 2498 1962 DL6 8ps 1.15t

2 4wD Schöma 1576 1954 CDL 15 15ps 2.8t

4wD Diema 1628 1953 DL8 22ps

Torfwerk Schwegermoor GmbH & Co.KG., Schwegermoor


0-4-0D Deutz OMx 117

1 0-4-0D Deutz OMx 117 oou

4 4wD Diema 2990 1968 DS14 16ps 2.8t

9 4wD Schöma 748 1944 FF 25ps 2.75t

4wD Schöma

4wD Schöma 4485 1981 CHL-20G 40ps 3.5t

Torfwerk B.Haskamp & Co., Lohne-Kroge



4wD Schöma 736 1943 CF 25ps 2.75t oou

4wD Diema 2622 1963 DL6 8ps 1.15t Rep

4wD Diema 2680 1964 DS30 42ps 5t

Torfwerk Holthaus & Fortmann, Lohne-Kroge

I was told that there are about 7 locos here.


4wD Schöma 323 1937 16ps 2.75t oou

4wD Schöma 1475 1953 20ps 2.8t

4wD Schöma 1670 1955 CDL-10 22ps 2.5t

4wD Schöma 3175 1970 CDL 20 27.5ps 1.8t

Torfwerk Haskamp & Lange, Südlohne

Rail traffic ceased about 2 years ago, and now road trucks are used.


4wD JW 3798 1962 JW20 20ps 3.92t Der

Torfwerk Victor Gellhaus, Lohne-Südlohne


4wD Diema 1517 1952 DS12 14ps

4wD Schöma 1249 1951 14ps 2.5t

4wD Diema 2466 DS28 28ps 3t

Olfry Ziegelwerke GmbH., Vechta

The rail system has now gone.


Torfwerk Gramann, Vor dem Moore, near Vechta

There is a big new works building here. The line in from the moor now ends in the yard, where there is a tipping point.


4wD Diema

4wDM Diema 2881 1966 DL6 8ps 1.15t

Torfwerk Vechta Siemer, Vechta-Vor dem Moore

I was told that there are only 4 locos here.


4wD Schöma 886 1947 16ps 2.6t

4wD Diema 1549 1952 14ps

4wD Diema 2129 1958 DL6 8ps 1.15t

4wD Diema 2857 1966 DL6 8ps 1.15t

Josef Zubrägel oHG, Torfwerk Vor dem Moore, near Vechta


4wD Schöma 2579 1962 8ps 1.15t oou

Torfwerk Hellmann, Vechta-Telbrake


4wD Schöma 2137 1958 KDL10 10ps 1.5t

4wD Diema 2442 1961 DS14 16ps 2.3t

4wD Schöma 2719 1963 CDL20 22ps 3t

Johann Böske, Torfwerk Goldenstedt-Arkeburg

I was told they have 10 locos.


1 4wD Schöma 4959 1988 CHL-20G 43ps 3.5t

4 4wD Schöma?

9 4wD Diema 2199 1958 DS20 22ps 3.3t

11 4wD OK

12 4wD Schöma 4834 1985 CHL-20G 40ps 3.5t

Torfwerk Bernhard Wübbeler, Goldenstedt-Arkeburg

I was told that they have 6 locos and 4-5km of track. A train service is run for visitors, called the moor express, and I saw this in operation.


4wD Diema

4wD Diema 2450 1961 DL6 8ps 1.15t

4wD Diema 2723 1964 DS20 22ps 3t

4wD Schöma 2729 1964 11ps 2t

MOOR EXPRESS 4wD Diema 2967 1967 DL6 8ps 1.15t

Torfwerk Brandenburg, Goldenstedt-Arkeburg

This works is still in use, but no longer uses rail transport. It once used the same tracks as the Wübbeler system.

Torfwerk Wichmann + Tabeling, Vechta-Telbrake

4 locos here.


4wD Schöma 4394 1980 CHL-20G 30.5ps 2.5t

Torfwerk Gramann, Vor dem Moor, near Vechta


4wD Diema 2701 1964 DS14 16ps 2.8t

Torfwerk Drebber, Drebber

I was told that they have 7 locos and 20km of track.


4wD Schöma 1483 1953 CDL28 28ps 3t

4wD Diema 2826 1965 DS14 16ps 2.8t

4wD Diema 2989 1968 DS14 16ps 2.8t

4wD Schöma?

Torfwerk Barnstorf, Barnstorf

Closed and track lifted.

Torfwerk Ostendorf, Donstorf

This is works used to belong to Kohorst, but they sold out to Ostendorf about 9 years ago. The old Ostendorf works next door is now disused.


I 4wD Diema 1874 1956 DS20 20ps 2.7t

4wD Diema 2267 1959 DL8 11ps 1.8t

Torfwerk Freistatt

The line under the DB line, to the old Kolonie Freistatt is still in use. There are 6 locos here.


No.1 4wD Schöma 854 1946 25ps 3.75t

No.2 4wD Schöma 863 20ps 3.75t

No.3 4wD Schöma?

No.4 4wD Schöma 1474 1953 A3L51 44p 5t

6 4wD Diema 2114 1958 DL8 10ps 2t

4wD Schöma 165 20ps 4t

Torfwerk Wehrbleck, Wehrbleck-Strange

3 locos here.


4wD Diema 1025 1940 DS16 16ps

4wD Diema 2916 1966 DL6 8ps 1.15t

4wD Diema 2951 1967 DL6 8ps 1.15t

Rohenkohl, Torfwerk Strange, Wehrbleck-Strange

This small system is now in use ago, after being disused for some years.


2 locos locked inside the works.

Torfwerk Ehrenborg und Fortmann GmbH & Co., Eydelstedt-Dörpel


4wD Schöma 2335 1960 14ps 2.2t

4wD Schöma 2618 1962 12ps 2.2t

4wD Schöma 2677 1963 22ps 2.5t

4wD Schöma

Erdenwerk Wietinghausen GmbH & Co.KG., Ehrenburg-Wietinghausen

(f. Torfwerk Riesselmann & Bokern)

The line now goes to the north - the line across the road to the south has now gone. There are 4 locos here.


4wD Schöma 2251 1959 20ps 3t

4wD Schöma 2612 1962 CDL 28 25ps 4t

4wD Schöma? Rep

Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH., Torferk Neuhaus, Rehden

Well fenced!


4wD Diema

Torfwerk L.Willenborg, Wagenfeld-Ströhen


4wD Diema 2233 1959 DS28 28ps 3t

4wD Diema 2370 1960 DS20 22ps 2.8t

4wD Diema 2503 1962 DS28 30ps 3.3t

4wD Schöma 2850 1966 22ps 3.5t

Torfgesellschaft Essern GmbH., Essern


4 4wD Schöma 2192 1958 20ps 3t

5 4wD Schöma 1680 1955

7 4wD Schöma 2986? 1967 CHL-20G 22ps 2.5t

10 4wD Schöma 2561 1962 28ps 4t

Torfwerke Warmsen, Warmsen


4wD Schöma 782 1947 10ps 2.5t

4wD Schöma 965 1948 13ps 2.3t oou

4wD Diema 2182 1958 DS14 11ps 2t

4wD Diema 2453 1961 DS14 16ps 2.8t

4wD Diema 2688 1964 DL8 11ps 2t

4wD Diema 2731 1964 DS28 28ps 4.3t

4wD Schöma 3009 1967 17ps 1.5t

4wD Schöma?


Torfwerk Uchte Werner Most, Uchte


3 (6?) 4wD Schöma 710 1943 FBB 25ps 3.75t

506 4wD Schöma 4093 1976 CHL-30G 44.5ps 4t

4wD Schöma


Torfwerk A.-Günther Meiners, Borstel

The works was on holiday.


54 4wD Diema 2141 1958 DL6 Rep.

Kali-Chemie AG., Nienburg

There is 12km of track here.


1 4wD ? 28t Rep.

Nr.2 0-4-0D Deutz 56462 1957 A4L 514 55ps 14t

Torfwerk Neustadt GmbH., Neustadt-Schneeren

This works was owned by a consortium of A.Schockemühle, P.Rohenkohl and L.Willenborg, but Willenborg has now dropped out. There are 6 locos here.


4wD Diema 1711 1954 DL8 11ps

4wD Diema 2101 1957 DL8 22.4ps 2t

4wD Diema 2205 1958 DS28 28ps 4t Rep.

4wD Diema 2792 1965 DS20 4t

4wD Diema 2807 1965 DFL10 20ps 1.8t

4wD Diema 2993 1968 DL6/8 8.5ps 1.15t

ASB Erdenwerke Helmut Aurenz GmbH., Torfwerk Neustadt a.d.Rübenberge

There are now two gauges here, of which the 900mm is the newer. They seem to serve different sections of the moor, but run parallel into the works. The OK loco is preserved outside an office, about 2km west of the main works.


4wD OK 25084 1951 MV0 Pvd

4 4wD Schöma 4345 1979 CHL-20G 40ps 3t


12 4wD Schöma 5143 1990 CHL-30G 48ps 3t

13 4wD Schöma 5144 1990 CHL-30G 48ps 3t

Fleigerhorst, Poggenhagen

Standard gauge rail connection still in use.

Zementwerk Wunstorf

Demolished and new industries now on the site.

Riedel de Haën AG., Seelze

The Ruhrtaler loco is preserved outside the offices, next to the main road.


0-4-0D Ruhr 3620 1959 ND150 Pvd

4wD Gmd 4977 1956 Köf II

Stahlmagazia GmbH Hannover (SMH), Industriestraße, Letter, near Hannover


4wDM Unimog

Klöckner Rohstoff Recycling, Betrieb Letter, Industriestraße 1, Letter


NR.1 4wD Deutz 57994 1968 KK140B 140ps 20t

Bison Werke, Springe

Still has rail traffic - may have a loco inside.

Teutonia Misburger Portland-Zementwerke, Misburg

The overhead wire masts for the narrow gauge electric system inside the pit could still be seen from a distance.


4wD Deutz 55747 1954 Köf II

Triangeler Dammstoff, Triangel, near Gifhorn

There is still rail traffic here, but the connection to the loco shed has now been lifted.

Humuswerk Westerbeck GmbH., Westerbeck

(f. Vereinigte von Laffertsche Torfwerke)


I 4wD Diema

III 4wD Diema

Torfwerk Adolf Wulfes, Neudorf-Platendorf

Rail traffic ceased.

Torfwerk Erwin Wulfes, Neudorf-Platendorf


4wD Hatlapa 3799 1948 5ps

4wD Schöma 994 1948 11ps 2.5t


Humuswerk Westerbeek GmbH., Westerbeek

(f. Torfwerk von Laffertsche)

4 locos here.


II 4wD Diema 2077 1957 DS14 14ps 2.8t

IV 4wD Diema 1442 1949 DS12 14ps

ITT Automotive, Werk Gifhorn, Alfred Teves Straße, Gifhorn

(f. Alfred Teves GmbH.)

Could not see if they still have a loco.

Fallersleben-Meiner Zucker AG., Fallersleben


4wD Gmd 5229 1959 Köf II

0-4-0D LKM 252539 1970 V10B

0-4-0D LKM 252551 1972 V10B

Zuckerfabrik Groß Twülpstedt

Closed and being demolished.

Sand- und Tonwerk Walbeck GmbH., Werk Grasleben

(f. Dörentruper Sand- und Thonwerke GmbH.)


4wD Deutz 47346 1944 Köf II (a)

(a) ex DB-Schule Braunschweig, /1984; orig. Kbf 5250.

Kali & Salz AG., Grasleben


Lok Nr.2 4wD OK 26604 1966 MB7N 25t

Wegener Kalkstein & Co.KG., Walbeck

Sidings and a loco shed - I could not see if they still have a loco.

EVM AG (?), Flechtingen

A huge gravel pit operation - now dead?


0-8-0DH V60D

Rockwool Mineralwolle GmbH., Flechtingen

A big works with a rail connection - I could not see if they have a loco.

Zuckerfabrik Genthin

Derelict and being demolished.


Baustoffhandel Neuhaus, Treuenbrietzener Tor, Luckenwalde


0-8-0DH LEW 18101 1983 V60D

BEHALA, Osthafen Berlin


L1 4wE LEW 10047 1964 oou

L2 4wE LEW 10046 1964 oou

Bo-BoE Faur

AEG TRO Transformatoren und Schaltgeräte GmbH., Wilhelminenstraße, Berlin-Oberschönefelde


5 0-4-0D LKM

Kalkwerk Niederlehme

Narrow gauge system replaced by a conveyor belt.


H.Mattigka Sand und Kiesgruben GmbH., Klein Köris

The railway is still in use, but was closed for holidays. It crosses the main road on the level, just outside the works.


0-6-0D LKM V10C

0-6-0D LKM V10C

0-6-0D LKM V10C

0-6-0D LKM V10C

D Jung?

Märkische Ziegel GmbH. Klausdorf, Glienick

Works demolished.

Märkische Ziegel GmbH. Klausdorf, Klausdorf

Rail traffic ceased, but works still in production.


005 0-4-0D LKM oou

0-4-0D LKM oou

Golßener Stärkefabrik GmbH (Goldex), Golßen

A big works with a rail connection, but now closed. There must have been locos here.

LAUBAG, Groß Klessow Depot, near Kittlitz


102-22 0-4-0D LKM

102-27 0-4-0D LKM

102-28 0-4-0D LKM

110-10 Bo-BoD

LAUBAG, Kittlitz Depot

This works appears to be semi-derelict.

Hoch und Tief Cottbus GmbH., Betonwerk Cottbus, Merzdorfer Weg, Cottbus-Sandow


SANDOW 25 4wD Kaluga 152 1984

M.F.Metallaufbereitung GmbH., Fil.Cottbus, Bärenbrücker Straße, Cottbus

Locos in a scrapyard.


Werklok Nr.1 0-4-0D LKM 252227 196x V10B 100ps (a)

2 0-4-0D LKM (b)

Lok 4 4wD Kaluga 007 1977 TGK2-31 (c)

(a) lettered: “MAB Dresden GmbH Dresden”.

(b) lettered: “VE Bau- und Montagekombinat, Kohle und Energie Hoyerswerda, Kombinatsbetrieb Cottbus, 3320-0100-5501”.

(c) ex ? , Cottbus-Sandow.

LAUBAG, Jänschwalde


4-1205 Bo-BoE

4-1233 Bo-BoE

4-1234 Bo-BoE LEW 18602 1986 EL2

4-1238 Bo-BoE LEW 18606 1986 EL2

4-1242 Bo-BoE

4-1243 Bo-BoE

4-1254 Bo-BoE

4-1267 Bo-BoE

4-1277 Bo-BoE

4-1307 Bo-BoE

4-1310 Bo-BoE

Braunkohlenveredlung Lauchhammer, Kokerei Lauchhammer-West

All the locos that were visible from the main level crossing have now disappeared.

Anschlußbahn RTG Lauchhammer, Lauchhammer-Süd

The locos were locked in the shed.


D2 0-8-0DH V60D

D3 0-8-0DH V60D

D4 0-8-0DH V60D

D5 0-8-0DH V60D

Braunkohlenveredlung Lauchhammer, Lauchhammer-Süd

Locos stored next to the Ansclußbahn loco shed.


F154 0-6-0F Mein m03124? 1986

Di427-65-B4 0-8-0DH LEW 14200 1974 V60D

Di471-65-B4 0-8-0DH LEW 15359 1976 V60D


Rohstoff-Recycling Brandenburg, Plessa

This firm is demolishing the old brikketfabrik here, and using the yard to handle scrap. The DWK loco is in use, the others appear to be dumped.


312 4wDM DWK 598 1937 100B

T334 0708 6wDH CKD 6380 1965 T334 (a)

0-8-0DH LEW V60D (a)

Nr.1 0-4-0DH LKM 252479 1966 V10B (b)

Nr.2 0-4-0DH LKM 252119 1960 (b)

(a) ex BASF Schwarzheide GmbH.

(b) ex VEB Glaswerk Großräschen.

Impulsa AG., Elsterwerda-West

(f. VEB Anlagenbau Impulsa)

Next to Stadtwerk Elsterwerda.


Werklok 1 0-8-0DH LEW 13868 1974 V60D

2 0-4-0D LKM 261207 1962
Reb. 1989 V15/U23

Werklok 3 0-8-0DH LEW 15199 1976 V60D

ZUS Zuschlagstoffe und Spezialsande GmbH., Haida

(f. VEB Zuschlagstoffe und Spezialsande Haida; orig. Kieswerke Eduard (Ratz/Retz?) Elsterwerda)

The V60D loco was locked inside the shed; the other two were in the yard.


1 0-8-0D V60D

2 0-4-0D LKM 253019 1960 oou

3 0-4-0D LKM 261319 1963
Reb. 1987 V15/U23

Weiland GmbH., Zeischa

A big sand and kieswerk, with lots of tracks - locos? There used to be narrow gauge here.

DB, Bw.Falkenberg


52 5679 2-10-0 Pvd

Kalksandsteinwerk Falkenberg GmbH (KS*), Falkenberg-Nord

Closed for the holiday, but a man here told me that the electric locos are still used. They were parked on a siding without an overhead wire, so the diesel must pull them out under the wire at the start of each day! The electric locos are very narrow, especially the home-made one.



4wE Home made

4wD Unio 1317 1979 Rep

4wD Unio 1331

Holzhandel Dresden GmbH., Filiale Falkenberg, Falkenberg-Nord

(f. VEB Holzhandel Dresden, BT Falkenberg)


0-4-0D LKM 252576 1974 V10B 100ps oou

Südzucker, Brottewitz

Very quiet - I could not see any locos.

Elbekies GmbH., Mühlberg

A big gravel pit operation. Loco No.1 was in the shed.


1 0-4-0DH LKM 262.5.571 1975 V22

2 0-4-0DH LKM 262.5.572 1975 V22 220ps

3 0-4-0DH LKM 262367 1972 V22 220ps

HPR Keramic, Belgern

A big works, with a rail connection, but this has not been in use for some time.

Kemmlitzer Kaolinwerke GmbH., Oschatz

This is the transhipment point between narrow gauge freight trains on the Döllnitzbahn and the DB standard gauge. The loco was rebuilt from a standard LKM diesel.


10 0-4-0CE LKM 252390 1963 V10B

DB, Oschatz

This loco was lettered DBG, not DB.


311 512-8 0-4-0D LKM

Döllnitzbahn, Oschatz


35 0-6-0D LKM 250308 1962 V10C 100ps



Severoceské Doly a.s., brown coal, Ledvice


23 4wD oou

30 Bo-BoE ZLP 642? 1959 17E3 oou

Severočeské Doly a.s., Bílina


536 Bo+Bo+BoE ZV

Doly Ležáky, Zavod Ležáky, near Most


T448 0656 225 Bo-BoD ČKD

T448 0658 Bo-BoD ČKD

Chemopetrol, Litvinov

A huge chemical plant.


T448 0727 Bo-BoD ČKD

700 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda

SHR (?), Most

Brown coal loco depot, beside the Litvinov - Komoany road.


211 1721 4wD ČKD 5353 1961

304 T239 1002 4wD ČKD?

576 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6457 1972 26Em

581 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6462 1972 26Em

582 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6463 1972 26Em

584 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6465 1972 26Em

589 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6470 1972 26Em

590 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6471 1972 26Em

595 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6476 1972 26Em 2520kw

612 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6598 1972 26Em

615 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6601 1953 26Em

639 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6736 1974 26Em

642 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6739 1974 26Em

659 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 6756 1974 26Em

661 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7969 1984 27E

662 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7970 1984 27E

663 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7971 1984 27E

665 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7973 1984 27E

673 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7981 1984 27E

674 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7982 1984 27E

677 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7985 1984 27E

679 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7987 1984 27E

680 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7988 1984 27E

683 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7991 1984 27E

684 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7992 1984 27E

687 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7995 1984 27E

689 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 7997 1984 27E

693 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8001 1985? 27E

705 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8505 1989 27E

706 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8506 1989 27E 155t

711 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8511 1989 27E

712 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8512 1989 27E

714 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8514 1989 27E

715 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8515 1989 27E

716 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8516 1989 27E

717 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8517 1989 27E

718 Bo+Bo+BoE Škoda 8516 1989 27E

Power Station, south-east of Kadan

CD locos?


E479 0051 Bo-BoE Škoda

E479 0052 Bo-BoE Škoda


Sudhumus GmbH., Werk II, Reitzenhain


Still in use. One Ns1 type loco frame dumped - the other locos were locked in the shed.


Papierfabrik Schönfeld, Schönfeld, near Cranzahl

(f. VEB Vereinigte Papier- und Kartonfabriken Niederschlema)

The works looked rather dead, although apparently still operating on a “care and maintenance” basis. The loco does not appear to have been used for some time.


1 0-6-0F Mein 03035 1984 80t oou

PAKA Raschau, Werk II, Schwarzenberg-Wildenau

The loco driver said that there is loco at another of this company’s works in Schwarzenberg, but I could not find this.


0-4-0D LKM 2510862 1955 N4 17t

Papierfabrik, Unterschlema Bahnhof


2 0-4-0D LKM 252265 1961 V10B 100ps

BBA Aue, Mine, Schlema



1 4wDM 16t oou

Dresden Papier, Werk Fährbrücke, Langenbach

There is a loco shed here, but I could not see if they have any locos.


Ziegelei, Thermalbad Wiesenbad

The narrow gauge has not been used for a long time.

Papierfabriken zu Penig GmbH., Werk Wilischtal

(f. Spezialpapierfabrik Wilischtal GmbH.)

The narrow gauge line to the DB has not been used for some time, and parts of it have been lifted.

Energieversorgung Südsachsen AG., Heizkraftwerk Chemnitz, Chemnitz-Furth


5 0-4-0D LKM

Chemnitzer Ziegelwerke GmbH., Ziegelwerk Cottbus-Rottluff

There were two works here, which formerly had a joint narrow gauge system. The east works is now derelict, but the west works has been rebuilt and is still in operation.

Elf, GTL Hartmannsdorf, near Chemnitz


2 0-8-0D LEW 17698 1982 V60D

Deutsche Heraklith AG., Werk St.Egidien

(f. Nickelhütte St.Egidien)

The narrow gauge has been lifted where it passes under the Autobahn, but the track and wires are still in at the Ober Callenberg depot. The following locos were found there; two in the shed and one outside.


1 4-580 Bo-BoE LEW oou

3 Bo-BoE LEW oou

5 Bo-BoE LEW 9067 1960 EL3 oou

Sächsische Autotransport und Service GmbH. (Sachsentrans), Platz Glauchau, Glauchau Nord

A car transfer depot, next to the Glauchau by-pass road.


0-4-0D LKM 24t (a)

(a) ex DR.


BTS Baukeramik, Zeigelwerk Erfurt

Rail traffic ceased.


914 0-4-0D LKM oou

Chemnitzer Ziegelwerke GmbH., Ziegelwerk Crimmitschau

This works was originally built c1912. It was destroyed by fire in 1962 and then rebuilt. It is the last of this company’s works still using rail transport.


4wDM LKM 247380 1956 Ns1

(903) 4wDM LKM 260060 1958 Ns1b

4wDM LKM 260066 1958 Ns1b

Zuckerfabrik Walschleben, near Erfurt

Completely demolished.

Brücken-, Strassen- und Tiefbau GmbH., Bauhof Elxleben, near Erfurt

Track in the yard completely buried under 1-2m of mud and gravel. The loco is now marooned in it’s shed, but is still intact.


Lok Nr.1 4wDH Kaluga oou


AK Chemie GmbH & Co.KG., Werk Gernsheim, Biebesheim


1 4wD OK 26559 1966 MV3

Wellpappenwerk Biebesheim GmbH & Co., Biebesheim


4wDM Unimog

Hafenbetriebe der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Hafenbahn Frankfurt


D9 6wD KM 20077 1993 MH05

Rasselstein AG., Hafen Andernach


1 0-6-0D KM 18925 1959

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